Matt Haryanawalla

Partner, Startup Outreach

Matt (Murtuza) Haryanawalla is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Advisor/Mentor. He brings deep knowledge in technology products, engineering, finance and strategy to help startups realize growth and revenue. And almost as important to Startup Bridge startups is his previous role in large Corporates. Matt drove a $200M P&L for Broadcom where he is credited with seminal works in wifi for Dell and Samsung. As cofounder at, he pioneered 'hack-a-thons as a service' across India and built a community of over 4K+ developers. At he built a software solution to help corporates discover and connect with the right startup partners. This directly correlates to his interest in Startup Bridge. Matt was an entrepreneur fellow at Royal College and at Cambridge University. He has an M.S in engineering from WSU.Ohio, Finance and Marketing from SCU and Building Global Enterprises from Harvard Business School.