Manu Rekhi

Founder, Chairman

Manu Rekhi is the founder and current chairman of Startup Bridge. In his day job, Manu is a General Partner at Inventus Capital. Manu brings deep experience building digital consumer businesses and has worked with the founders at Vivu (ACQ: Polycom), Dhingana (ACQ:, Genwi (ACQ: Persistent), Poshmark, Credit Sesame, amongst others. Manu is currently on the Boards of Talview, Activity Hero, Disco, and FarFaria while advising the team at NEXT. Prior to joining Inventus, Manu built several successful digital consumer businesses for Google shortly after its IPO, then joined the early senior team at LoLapps to build a successful social gaming company, and was VP of Products at NewsCorp’s Digital Division. He started his career in the product group at AHWY (IPO) and at 123Signup. Manu holds a B.S. from Boston University and a joint MBA from Columbia Business School & The Walter Haas School of Business, Berkeley.  When not engaged with startup founders Manu loves hiking, skiing and teaching his two kids, Maya and Neal.